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As you know, WhatsApp is used by thousands of people to chat. By WhatsApp, you can chat with your friends and relative. Or you can make a video call. WhatsApp has launched many features, one of them is WhatsApp Status. Now you can put a status on WhatsApp, which many people see who are on your contact list. The purpose of WhatsApp status is that everything you share reaches others. Do you know what is WhatsApp or how to update the status on WhatsApp? If you know, then surely you must put a lot of things on the WhatsApp status. This is a very liked feature by people. With WhatsApp status, you can update the status by text message videos or images.

WhatsApp Status is a popular feature which is provided by WhatsApp to people. In which you can put text, photos, videos or GIFs on your status. People who see it are those who are already added to your contact list. WhatsApp Status is not visible to any stranger. The purpose of WhatsApp status is that if you want to tell any important thing to your friends, then you will not need to send it separately. You can put it directly on your status and provide information to everyone.

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